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WCPW was first established during the summer of 2016. Since, it has grown in to a widely popular brand in not only the UK, but worldwide. With WCPW Loaded being released weekly free to YouTube, it began gaining steam quickly, as the talent pool continued to grow and included some of the greatest and most popular wrestlers in the independent scene.This meant that they could begin setting a price on their larger shows, and who can blame them? They very well are putting on some of the best shows this country has to offer. However, now that they want to re-introduce WCPW Loaded back on to YouTube free of charge. And have hit a roadblock.

YouTube have now set a list of content in which certain types of videos made will not gain YouTube ad revenue. Rather being labelled as ‘non-advertiser friendly’. And sadly, wrestling per se has been put under this label. This means that unlike WCPW’s first batch of free tapings, they can no longer be funded by YouTube for these shows. Thus they have cancelled numerous episodes of WCPW Loaded that they had planned.  However, with WCPW acting as the leading head of the revolution to make a change to this restriction. The wrestling community as a whole now have the motive to fight back.

In typical wrestling fashion, fans continue to fight in the face of adversity. This, in order to keep free wrestling content alive and well on the world’s most popular video-viewing platform.  In light of this information, fans of wrestling and WCPW alike have set up a petition to remove wrestling from the non-advertiser friendly list on YouTube in order for free wrestling content to still be able to gain profit from YouTube. This petition already has a healthy 18,000 plus people who have signed. The question now is whether this petition will catch the necessary attention. Especially those who are able to remove this restriction from Wrestling content.


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On June 3rd, What Culture will continue on with one of their booked shows and broadcast it to a live audience. Fittingly labelled ‘Fight Back’. The show looks to be stacked, and will most likely draw one of their largest livestream audience to date. This leaves fans to wonder whether this show will be the last live stream show to be broadcasted to a YouTube audience. As many of WCPW’s fans still sceptical on whether WhatCulture Extra is worth the 6.99 a month. It could be likely that WCPW may lose a large chunk of their fan base thanks to the ignorance of YouTube’s system. This could mean that the young British stars that WCPW has helped gain exposure, such as Gabriel Kidd, El Ligero, Prospect, are not going to get the same platform that they were once offered by WhatCulture Wrestling.

What can we do?

If you are a fan of WhatCulture or WCPW, make sure you tune in to the live-stream and watch the show. After you have done that, sign the petition and show that you are apart of this revolution. Do not let one of the UK’s most popular wrestling promotions fall in to obscurity. Fight back.


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