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Triple H On Ronda Rousey In WWE: “I Think She’s Unsure.”

As mentioned previously, it was rumored that Ronda Rousey has shown interest in being in the WWE. Triple H recently spoke with CBS Sports’ In This Corner podcast on Ronda possibly coming to the WWE.

Triple H Speaks On Ronda Rousey Being in the WWE

While Triple H is open to having Ronda Rousey in the WWE, he believes she is “unsure.” Saying, “I don’t know that I ever once looked out at the crowd and saw her without this ear-to-ear grin on her face.”

This was in reference to the former UFC women bantamweight champion’s appearance at the Mae Young Classic. ‘The King of Kings’ continued,  making note of how she may be “unsure,”

“She was like a little kid after every break there would be when I would talk to her — like a little kid. What that means? Unsure. What that means down the line? I think she’s unsure.”

Triple H Seems Optimistic About Ronda in WWE

Triple H

However, despite thinking Ronda being “unsure,” Triple H is open and optimistic to having her in WWE; “Look, she has got a lot going on, but I’m all about creating opportunities.” He continued, “That’s what the Mae Young Classic is all about—creating opportunities for these women that they never had before. If Ronda Rousey wants that opportunity, I’d be happy to talk to her about it.”

Remember, anything can happen in WWE!



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