The Blue Brand Builds – SmackDown Live Recap (August 8, 2017)

As we head to SummerSlam, the blue brand continues to leave its mark on biggest show of the summer. Live from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (aka “Bizarro World”), SmackDown Live delivered with a simple yet effective show that built up multiple feuds.


John Cena opened with the show to address his dream match with Shinsuke Nakamura last week. Cena, who was shockingly pinned clean in the middle of the ring, said that Nakamura earned his respect in addition to the number one contendership to Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship.

Before Cena could go any further Baron Corbin, who was sporting new nondescript entrance music, interrupted him. Corbin wasn’t happy about how Cena thwarted his attack on Nakamura last week, but continued that John wasn’t worth his time. At that moment, Daniel Bryan entered the arena and announced that Baron Corbin would face John Cena at SummerSlam.

The Usos vs. Tye Dillinger and Sami Zayn


SmackDown Live’s opening match saw the Usos take on the makeshift tag team of Canada’s very own Tye Dillinger and Sami Zayn. The Canadians proved to be an entertaining tag team, but couldn’t defeat the former tag team champions. After blocking the Tye Breaker, Jey Uso superkicked the back of Dillinger’s leg. This opened the door for Jimmy Uso to lock in a Tequila Sunrise submission and pick up the victory.

After the match, the Usos cut a short promo about regaining the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships. However, Big E of the New Day interrupted by himself on the entrance ramp, allowing Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods to attack from behind. The New Day got revenge on the Usos after last week’s beatdown, and the Usos were able to escape before things got worse.

Fashion Peaks, Part Deaux

The long awaited return of the Fashion Peaks opened with Tyler Breeze continuing the search for Fandango. After the Ascension took off with Breeze’s pies, Prince Pretty was forced to ask a tough question: “Where’s Dango?” He repeated the question in a mirror until Fandango made his presence known. Then, Dango showed up zombified, leaving Tyler to contemplate whether or not it would take Fandango 18 episodes to return back to normal.

As it turns out, all it took for Fandango to be his normal gyrating self was a sip of coffee. He then says that aliens abducted him and gave him the power of premonition. To prove it he says that the next person to walk into the room is, in fact, the person who killed Tully the Horse. In walked none other than Arn Anderson, who confessed that his crime was one of jealousy.

The Fashion Police really should have named the horse after Arn.

(Did I really just type all of that?)

Charlotte vs. Lana


In a exclusive last week, it was revealed that Lana would challenge Charlotte to a match. However, the Ravishing Russian proved to be well out of her depth against the second-generation superstar. Charlotte made quick work of Lana and picked up the win after locking in the Figure-8 submission.


The second hour of SmackDown Live kicked off with Shane McMahon bringing Kevin Owens and AJ Styles out to the ring. Despite Shane clearing the air about being an impartial referee for their United States Championship match at SummerSlam, Kevin Owens brought up Shane’s rocky past. Owens pointed out that AJ and Shane were in a vicious feud just five months ago. Also, Owens played footage from Survivor Series 1998 that saw Shane screw Stone Cold out of the WWF Championship.

Owens then claimed that he wasn’t worried about Shane screwing him out of the championship. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time a McMahon screwed over a “Canadian Legend” in Canada. Or course, he was referring to the Montreal Screwjob. However, according to KO, the major difference between Montreal and SummerSlam is that Bret Hart deserved to be screwed. This was tremendous heat on the part of Owens.

AJ Styles interjected, saying that he didn’t care if Shane was the ref. In fact, AJ suggested that they bring out a referee to settle their differences right then and there. Owens declined, saying that he’d prefer to win the United States Championship in the actual United States at SummerSlam.

Naomi vs. Carmella


This was a match that Carmella demanded last week in order to prove her merit as a threat to Naomi’s SmackDown Live Women’s Championship. Carmella’s improvement in the ring was apparent in this match, and she picked up the win after outside interference from a returning James Ellsworth. Miss Money in the Bank has her backup again, which could be dangerous for the champion at SummerSlam.

The next segment was a backstage interview that Renee Young conducted with Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura spoke about always wanting to join the WWE and compete against the best in the world. He recalled his match with John Cena, noting that Cena is the measuring stick in WWE. Nakamura was quick to point out that he beat Cena and earned the right to be number one contender. Nakamura closed the interview by saying that winning the WWE Championship is his destiny. Moreover, the King of Strong Style declared that the Nakamura Dynasty begins at SummerSlam.

Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton (SmackDown Live Main Event)


The fourth bout between these two rivals may have been the most consistently entertaining. Randy Orton opened the match with an all-out assault on the champion at ringside. Jinder Mahal blocked an RKO attempt on top of the announce table, pushing Orton into the timekeeper’s area. The match made its way to the ring, where Orton got the upper hand. The conclusion of the match saw Orton reverse Jinder’s Khallas finishing move into a crisp RKO, making the champ look vulnerable just 12 days out from SummerSlam.

Afterwards, Rusev attacked Orton from behind with a vicious kick. The Bulgarian Brute stood over Orton’s body as the show went off the air.



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