Tetsuya Naito Wins The 27th G1 Climax In New Japan

Tetsuya Naito, the leader of Los Ingobernables De Japon, has won the G1 Climax 27. Naito defeated the favourite, Kenny Omega, in a sensational final and has booked his spot in the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 12. Naito was seen by many as the stand out performer from the G1, with so many tremendous matches.

Road To The Final

Both challengers in the final had the exact same record to get to the final. Naito won 7 of the 9 matches, and lost the other two. Tetsuya put on some fantastic matches through the tournament. His opening contest with Ibushi saw the return of ‘The Golden Star’ and many expected him to run over Naito. The heart and determination of the leader of LIJ got him through the match and got the victory.

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Naito also faced his long time rival IWGP Intercontinental Champion, Hiroshi Tanahashi. Their match determined who would be the winner of their block and advance to the final. The two have faced off multiple times in the past year, similar to the Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada rivalry that has captivated the world of wrestling. This match was the best of them all. Naito and Tanahashi went blow for blow, hold for hold for almost the whole 30 minute time limit. Eventually the match turned in Naito’s favour after much attack to the injured bicep of Tanahashi, he wrapped the arm up and landed Destino not once, but twice, to get the win. Booking his place in the final of the G1 27 Climax.

Victory For Tetsuya Naito

In a repeat of the G1 26 Climax final, Tetsuya Naito took on ‘The Cleaner’ Kenny Omega. Naito came in to the contest fresh of a victory of the IWGP Intercontinental Champion Tanahashi, and Omega fresh of pinning the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Okada.

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Both men came in very cocky and there has been a real sense that these two do not like each other. In a match that saw Naito have to go above and beyond, the extra hard work paid off. Kenny Omega is one of the toughest men on the New Japan Pro Wrestling roster and Naito had to pull out all the stops to defeat him. Naito piledrived Kenny through one of the announced tables, nailed a reverse hurricanrana from the top rope and hit his patented Destino move 3 times, to finally win the match. This is not the story many people wanted to see as they wanted to see Kenny vs Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 12, but its not to be.

For those unfamiliar with how the G1 Climax works, it is similar to the rewards of winning the Royal Rumble. Tetsuya Naito has now booked his place in the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 12. This means he will face whoever is IWGP World Heavyweight Champion come January. Whoever it will be, based on Naito’s performance today, they will need to be at the top of their game. Los Ingobernables De Japon Ichiban.

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