Sean Waltman (X-Pac) Shares Nice Message To Chyna (PHOTO)

Sean Waltman recently took to Twitter to share some love for former DX member, Chyna.

As WWE celebrates 20 years of DX, one of the greatest stables of all times, Sean Waltman (X-Pac) sent out a emotional tweet directed towards a former stable memeber.

The “Ninth Wonder of the World” was yet another former member of the team, however, she sadly passed away in 2016. After breaking a number of records in the company.

Chyna and Waltman were not able to stick it out in WWE for long. Especially as long as their DX counterparts, Michaels and Triple H. And while there has been a lot of speculation on their relationship with the brand, the duo were also an off screen couple post their WWE heydays. Obviously this didn’t last very long. Furthermore, their real life rivalry has been well documented.

Sean Waltman’s Tweet

Either way, it’s clear the respect Waltman has for Chyna hasn’t wavered. As seen in this recent tweet:


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