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Who Should Be The Next Universal Champion?

The time has come people! The time for Brock Lesnar to return to the UFC, and a new Universal Champion to be crowned at SummerSlam.

Now that Brock is in talks with UFC and Jon Jones finally called him out on the UFC 214 PPV, there’s a pretty good chance that the Beast will be back in the Octagon.

If Lesnar makes his return, that will mean that he will have to put his WWE career as well as Universal Championship reign to a halt, which signals towards a new Champion being crowned at SummerSlam. Now, that will be something fresh to see as Lesnar is hardly present on WWE TV and the company’s biggest prize will finally be contested on the PPV on a regular basis.

Last week it was announced that Brock Lesnar will defend WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam in a Fatal-4-Way match. Against Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman.

Now the big question is…

Who Should Be The Next Universal Champion?


In my opinion, it would be a good decision to make Roman the new champ. Now before people start throwing eggs and tomatoes at me, just hear my reason.

WWE has already shown that Roman is the “Big Daddy” by making him win against The Undertaker at WrestleMania. In what was a very convincing and dominating victory. His role as a guy who embraces the public’s hate and his feud with Braun has been excellent.

Making him the new Universal Champion would only affirm his position on the top spot. Showing him as a Champion who has no respect for any of his opponents would be great and would just go on with the company’s approach of showing him as “a bad guy but not a heel”.

What About Joe or Strowman?


Making Joe or Strowman a champ won’t be a bad decision also. Samoa Joe would be a smart choice, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing his dominating side when feuding with Lesnar. The reason I choose Reigns as a better option is because Joe at the moment is doing a great job as the pissed off dominator. Furthermore, he can keep that gimmick up and prove to be a great opponent for Reigns down the line. I would actually keep Strowman as my last option for the Champion spot among the 4 competitors. There’s no doubt that he plays his Monster role well. Conversely, I can’t see him as a Champion at the moment.

SummerSlam is the biggest WWE PPV after WrestleMania and they, without a doubt, have given the audience a great main-event. Seeing all four of these guys tear the house down would be a great sight. Moreover, we can all expect a great pay-per-view. But WWE needs to be very cautious about how they execute the match, as there is a lot of hype regarding it out there. What’s more important is that how they are going to perform with the new champ (if there’s going to be one) and make the storylines work. But for now, let’s enjoy the show and hope for the best!


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