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Kurt Angle Has Been Sober For Four Years (PHOTO)

As many will know, current RAW GM Kurt Angle has gone through a lot. Including a troubled past with alcohol and drugs, however, for the past four years he has been completely sober. Which is an incredible accomplishment.

The Hall Of Famer’s career hasn’t been plain sailing. It’s common knowledge that Kurt Angle has been fighting his addiction with alcohol and drugs for some time. However, more recently, he revealed that his wife was one to get him back on the straight and narrow; back on the road to recovery. Moreover, giving Kurt an ultimatum. If he continued with the self-destructing lifestyle, his wife threatened to leave him. Luckily for former World Champion, he was able to keep his urges at bay, and was able to reform his life, without the troubles of drugs and alcohol.

Kurt Angle


Kurt Angle has never shied away from his past. In fact, he has been incredibly open about his demons. During a Reddit AMA interview, the former TNA employee revealed that at the peak of his dependency he used to ingest 65 Vicodin pills every day. This is a very potent opioid, which certainly shouldn’t be consumed to that extent everyday. The addiction reached that peak when Kurt made the move from WWE to TNA in 2006. The most probable depression lead Angle to add alcohol to the mix. During the AMA, he mentioned a very telling story. One in which that led his wife to breaking point. Noting that she would leave the house with their children if he didn’t get his life back on track.

Thankfully, Kurt did get his life back on track. And you definitely see a difference in the way he conducts himself, as well as showing openness and gratitude for getting over his almost deadly addiction. Furthermore, the accomplishment of staying sober for four years straight (oh it’s true, it’s damn true) seems to have made Angle very pleased.

The Olympic gold medallist recently shared this photo on Instagram:

We can all find happiness in this achievement, and from me to you Kurt, here’s to four more years…



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