Jon Jones

Jon Jones Adds More Fuel To The Fire; Teases WWE Appearance

In recent a recent twitter exchange, a fan reached out to Jon Jones to ask if he would show up at SummerSlam to confront Lesnar. ‘Bones’ replied, “it crossed my mind”.

Jon Jones

If you haven’t heard about Brock Lesnar vs. Jones, where have you been? The fight has garnered a lot of media attention, and it seems like Jon Jones just can’t help himself.

At UFC 214, Jones called out Lesnar:

And since then, speculation of the fight has run wild. Moreover, both men, Lesnar and Jones, have helped add to the intrigue.

Following those words from Jones, Lesnar then went on to say, “Be careful what you wish for, young man.”

Now, with SummerSlam just round the corner, and doubts of Lesnar leaving the WWE for UFC, Jones added more fuel to the fire. As mentioned above, the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion acknowledged a potential SummerSlam appearance. Furthermore, that it crossed his mind.

Now, the big picture here isn’t the fact that Jones might show up at SummerSlam. Because he most likely won’t. However, it is in fact that they are still continuing this on-going feud. And gaining more intrigue into the potential super fight.


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