Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore Is Reportedly Facing More Backstage Heat

If you’ve been living under a rock, you won’t know that Enzo Amore reportedly has a lot of heat backstage. And when we say a lot, we mean a lot…

The initial report started from the Wrestling Observer, who reported that Enzo was kicked off the European tour bus. Moreover, was forced to change outside the locked room. Now, according to Justin Barrasso at Sport’s Illustrated, the ‘certified G’ is in even more hot water. The report states that Enzo is “guilty of bringing a series of questionable guests into the locker room”.

Furthermore, according to the report, his guests “broke locker room etiquette by filming and taking pictures of the wrestler” backstage. The feeling backstage is that Enzo is old enough, and should be wise enough, to keep his guest under control.

To make matters even worse, Enzo may be planning a second career outside of WWE. This career being the music business. And according to ‘SI’, this is creating another conflict with WWE. Mreover, could land him on the list of wrestler to get cut in the future.

Finally, if you thought that was the last of his backstage shenanigans, you’d be wrong. In another report from ‘SI’, they noted that Enzo had also made an embarrassment of the company. As a Buffalo stripper had a public rant on social media about Amore, who was upset with conduct that she felt was unflattering. Superstars backstage were reportedly incredibly disappointed by his actions, and embarrassed that the stripper foul-mouthed Enzo, and therefore embarrassed the WWE. It’s safe to say that he’s currently not very favoured backstage.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, Enzo Amore needs to firstly, stop pissing everyone off, and secondly, focus on keeping his head down for a while. We all know these type of things don’t last very long, if kept quite. And Enzo is real asset to the company, maybe not in-ring but certainly on the microphone. He’s incredibly lucky that he’s not in the ‘Wrestlers Court’ era, because if he was, I’m sure The Undertaker and JBL wouldn’t have been as kind as Roman was. However, in all seriousness, Enzo needs to stop making himself his own worst enemy. It sure won’t end well.


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