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Have we seen the last of Jericho on WWE TV?

Yet again, ‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho has shown us why he’s the self-proclaimed ‘GOAT’ of WWE. He has had an incredible run over the past year, proving that in actual fact, you can get fans to cheer anything; a plant, a scarf, and the list goes on and on (literally!).

Currently, Jericho is taking a much deserved break from the WWE, working with his band, Fozzy. However, unsurprisingly, Jericho still can’t avoid questions regarding his wrestling career, with fans still pondering his return date.

The Washington Post recently caught up with the Canadian, to talk all thing Fozzy. Jericho mentioned that a lot people hear the name Fozzy, and think he’s “going to be on stage in spandex, doing body slams, and singing about jumping off the top rope.” Seeing as the band are producing mega hits like their new song ‘Judas’, this is obviously not the case. “We’ve had some success with some of our songs, but this one has gone through the roof”, Jericho said inside his tour bus. Mentioning that it’s taken them “to a whole different level”.

Chris Jericho

The music video for ‘Judas’, featured on YouTube, has already hit 3.7 million views – in just two weeks. Moreover, if you watched NXT TakeOver: Chicago, you’ll also know the song was the official theme for the event, adding an extra violent, metal feel to the show.

In the interview Jericho also revealed that working with Fozzy, allowed him much more freedom in terms of performing, than Sports Entertainment, “WWE, it’s the brand name. I’m just a cog,” he said. “An important part of it, people like it. But this is our band. People are here to see us. That to me, is a little more of a rush. It’s not under the auspices of another name.”

To conclude the interview, Jericho did his usual antics; planting doubt on his return to WWE. Chris is booked for a couple of overseas shows this summer, however, he is unsure when he’ll make another extended return.

“It’ll be a long time before I go back,” he said. “If I ever do go back, if I never go back, it’s fine. If I never wrestle another match, it wouldn’t bother me.”

Will Chris Jericho retire, maaaan?

Is ‘Y2J’ seriously considering retirement, or, is this just him playing with the heartstrings of ‘Jerichoholics’ around the world? If one things for sure, he’s certainly keeping the buzz around the name Chris Jericho.

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