Kevin Owens on Charlottesville Incident: “Let’s not be pieces of shit to each other”

Protests in Charlottesville, Virginia have caused a lot of uproar in the past 36 hours, especially in the United States. The severity of the issue has led to a lot of people voicing their opinions on the matter on Twitter.


Wrestlers weren’t immune to commenting their thoughts as well, particularly Kevin Owens. In a Twitter statement Sunday, Owens said “What happened is beyond disgusting and sickening. Racism and bigotry is wrong. That’s all there is to it.”

Owens later said that “All I can say is that my wife and I will do all we can to ensure that our children are part of the solution and not the problem.”

The former Universal, Intercontinental,¬†and U.S. champion ended the statement with “Let’s not be pieces of shit to each other. Good luck.”

KO’s Tweet

You can see Owens’ full statement here:


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