EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Brock Lesnar Not Leaving For UFC Anytime Soon

PWStream has learnt that the rumours of Brock Lesnar leaving for the UFC soon, moreover dropping the title at SummerSlam, are false. According to our source with direct knowledge, Brock hasn’t even re-entered the USADA drug-testing pool. Making his departure for UFC almost impossible.

The current feeling backstage is that Brock doesn’t want to leave WWE. And in fact, is using a potential move to the UFC as a bargaining chip, rather than a legitimate offer he’s willing to take. The reported plan, from Lesnar’s side, is to use the UFC deal as leverage for a bigger WWE deal after WrestleMania, when his contract expires.



With this being said, Lesnar could still decide to fight in the UFC down the road. If WWE don’t offer him a new contract, or it’s not enough, he could certainly decide to take the offer. However, this would not be until after WrestleMania. He is still scheduled for the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and a handful of other appearances (including RAW and Live Events).

Also, from what we’ve been told, the UFC are currently more interesting in the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight, and as such, have not taken Lesnar’s UFC return as a priority.

We’ve also been told that WWE are playing into the rumours, by having Paul Heyman hint at Lesnar’s WWE exit, to add “more intrigue” in the match. Hoping that fans will tune in to see Brock drop the belt.


WWE are obviously reluctant to let Lesnar go. Mainly due to him being one of the biggest draws in the company. Futhermore, they are also┬áreluctant because of the previous deal they struck with the UFC. They were reportedly unhappy over just having one SummerSlam promo released on the night of his UFC return. Moreover, the company was put in a difficult position; being forced to answer questions about their part-timers not being drug tested. This clearly was a lose-lose for WWE, who didn’t achieve all that much out of the previous deal.


At this point, Lesnar is clearly looking for the biggest offer. Because if he was genuinely interested in reviving his UFC career, he would be calling out competitors in his actual weight class. Not Jon Jones who is forty pounds lighter, and in a different division. As mentioned previously, Lesnar is only interested in the big pay-off. Not the hard graft of working his way back up again in his usual weight class.

As explained, a move to the UFC could happen, but certainly not until after WrestleMania. If the fight is going to happen, it won’t be until the middle of next year (around June, July). This is because if he re-enters the pool, he will ride out the suspension in February time, allowing a few months to promote and get the final preparation ready for the fight (if it happens).


In my opinion, I can’t see WWE not giving him another deal once his expires. He is an asset to them. What’s more, they appreciate that he could go elsewhere and make a ton of money from another company. Likewise, it would be stupid of them not to keep him on board. Nevertheless, if he does move back to the UFC, I can’t see it being for very long. I can imagine him having the superfight against Jones, getting his pay-day, and coming right back to the easy money in WWE. Brock’s a smart business man, and either way, the balls in his court.



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