Report: Brock Lesnar Returning To UFC, Title Changing Hands At SummerSlam

According to a UFC insider, Brock Lesnar will be making his return to the octagon, potentially as soon as November.

Brock Lesnar’s Return To UFC

Brock Lesnar

Source: UFC

The speculation started when Dizz, a “proven MMA Insider”, tweeted out:

“Paul Heyman and Brock were at the UFC HQ during IFW. Had a meeting with the UFC brass. Brock’s return is eminent. Most likely at MSG on Nov4.”

A short while later, Dizz tweeted again, menting that return date of November was only speculation, but “his return [to UFC] is eminent”.

With the report comes more speculation. Especially regarding the title changing hands at SummerSlam:

Brock Lesnar is yet to be tested in 2017 by USADA. Furthermore, you would think that rules out a return for November. However, Brock could possibly get another exemption, like he did previously. Allowing him to fight earlier than expected.

UPDATE: UFC officials comment on Lesnar’s return



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